2011, the year ahead

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  • Summary: Reflecting on 2010 and looking ahead to the remaining 10 months of 2011
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Let me start by apologising for the lack of a blog post since October 2010. This blog is over 5 years old and I tried to ensure that each month I wrote at least one post, not to keep people coming back for more, but due to my OCD tendancies I like to see a chronological list of monthly archives in the sidebar!

I had planned to go through all of the 437+ posts as a spring cleaning exercise, to ensure that the quality of remaining posts was high. Afterall, there are some on here that were written either whilst intoxicated with alcohol, or during the proceeding hangovers. But, I have come to realise that the web is a network of pages that document our current history. Deleting/archiving older content will only lead to a fragmented weblog, with a chance of broken inbound links. So, for now at least, the content on here won't change - it'll just be added to.

Although we're already 2 months into 2011, I haven't yet reflected on my New Years resolutions set for 2010. So here goes:

  1. Lose some weight - I didn't set a target for 2010, but we have started swimming with Lily and Mia on a Sunday morning now.
  2. Release SlickCMS - SlickCMS is live as a project and several sites are using the Classic ASP version.
  3. Build up plenty of savings - I've failed at this, but have conquered budgeting and keeping track of our monthly finances.
  4. Complete an XBOX 360 game - another failure, as I've barely switched the 360 on for gaming.
  5. Release a new web project - slck.it is live and is my first experiment at a free public service sort of site.
  6. Tweet more - I have been checking twitter daily, but tweeting less often myself.
  7. Design refresh for Slickhouse - alongside the move to SlickCMS, a design refresh was made - but I'm not 100% happy with it.
  8. Blog more - as I've already mentioned, my blogging disappeared by the end of 2010.
  9. Take more holiday - completed, in fact I took too much!
  10. Increase reader base - this is still something I need to work on.

I should write another 10 for this year, but I've decided to narrow it down to focus the year ahead (well 10 months):


As a personal web project, SlickCMS has proved to be very useful - in that all sites I've created in the past couple of years have used it to some degree as the foundation. For 2011, the Classic ASP version will be fully completed and the .NET version shall become the main focus. As with the switch from WordPress to SlickCMS in 2010, I hope to switch Slickhouse.com to SlickCMS.NET combined with another design refresh. Also, as the project is open source, other contributors are more than welcome.

Content creation and Marketing

Through a combination of Twitter, Facebook, other blogs/sites and possibly advertising, I hope to expand the number of visitors to each of the sites. I've realised that as a web user, I'm currently more of a consumer than producer of web content. So as I've said countless times before, I hope to blog more too - writing some longer, more meaningful articles too - we'll see how that goes! Also, Slickhouse.com itself will see a slight re-focus.

I've not yet thought of the killer app to make my millions from, but it'll come to me as I continue to keep this site alive in 2011!

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