24 hours of downtime

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I knew it was coming, but didn't know exactly when...

Virgin Media are in the process of transferring the account to myself, part of which involves temporarily switching off the broadband connection, whilst they then setup a new connection in the new account holder's name.

Fortunately their Customer Services are very helpful and knowledgeable - who during the first call confirmed that the broadband had been disconnected. The second call involved them updating the information for the cable modem, which required the MAC address.

So, everything is up and running again and the back-log of my emails are slowly creeping in. We're going to upgrade the account soon to the triple XL, which includes 20MB broadband amongst others. I'll let you know if doubling the speed makes any noticable difference.

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Ahh wondered what were going on.

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Ah poo. I signed up for Love Film earlier last month, using Amazon's free trial. We're so impressed with them, as the DVDs arrive the next day and the service is easy to use. Already had 2 DVDs last month and will be taking out a long-term subscription. Only thing we're still not sure of is which package to opt for in the end. The unlimited ones look value for money - especially with games!


haha ah well, at least they are good, as I not actually had anything yet as only signed up yesterday.


I see myself upgrading to unlimited rentals very soon, as we got through the 2 monthly rentals within the first 2 days.


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