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Unfortunately, the 50+ days of uninterrupted hosting came to an end recently. Whilst completing a new server hardware build, I plugged in the PSU to be greeted with a huge blue spark, accompanied by a loud bang. Although the power supply unit died, I was more worried about the fact that it took out the power to the whole house.

The server was to become a standalone backup server, but luckily I hadn't slotted in the 4 x 250GB removable HDDs, otherwise I'd be looking at replacing them too.

Once I had isolated the burnt-out PSU, I flipped the relevant power switches back on and fired up the servers that slickhouse is hosted on. Within 5 minutes the whole setup was back up and running!

To those of you running Microsoft's Virtual Server 2005, ensure you have the following setup within the server configuration - When Virtual Server starts: Automatically turn on virtual machine if it was running when Virtual Server stopped. It saved me a headache and time!

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My spare PSU seems to be surviving - which is good! Just installing the numerous updates, then the server is ready to backup! Note to all - don't trust el cheapo PSUs.


Whoops! My dad used an el cheapo psu once and it must have caused soo many weird problems with his pooter b4 it died.

Oh and if you get chance sometime, go paintballing its top


haha just jab stuff with a screwdriver innuh!


Yeeeeeeeeeah, screwdriver is handy. Luckily I took my hand away quick enough not to receive a shock.


Your faster then electric innum, must be all that practise from hand action.


Yup, whipping out my glock and pulling the trigger. Knows it.


Cock that Glock


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