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If you've not already heard the news, then my apologies - Lily Elizabeth was born 02:32 on the 07/07/08.

I've now been a father for a week and I can safely say it's great! Physically I'm the same (albeit tired), mentally I've gone through a lot to get where I am now. I thought I was prepared for the big day, after reading books and internet articles on the subject; shopping for essentials many times - but it's a pleasant surprise once it all falls into place.

For those of you looking to become a father, I'll let you know that the first few nights will be sleepless, or heavily reduced in terms of shut eye. But once Baby has settled into a routine you begin to claw back some of those precious hours. We're getting about 6 hours of interrupted sleep, whereas I previously enjoyed a full 8 or 9 hours.

I'm now into my second week of paternity leave and the three of us have had plenty of time together, to enjoy being a proper family. I've got nappy changing down to a T, with it often taking less than a minute. However, I've had plenty of practice, with Lily getting through lots of nappies, on one occassion requiring 4 changes within the hour!

I'll be writing more articles soon, as I've been experimenting with WSUS, backup configurations, FreeNAS and other geeky things during the past few weeks.

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