GTA 4 - Final Interview

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  • Summary: A glitch that ultimately resulted in me not playing GTA4
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Grand Theft Auto 4 is probably 6 months old now, but I've still not finished the game!

To cut a long story short (40+ hours of game time short), I've come across a glitch that a Google search showed many others have experienced too. The Final Interview mission requires that you meet up with Francis at the police station, who instructs you to get an interview at a local law firm. Once inside, you'll have to take down the interviewer. Sounds fairly simple, however it involves submitting your resume at the Internet Cafe (TW@T) and waiting for a phone call, which never arrives.

Tonight I attempted the mission for probably the 100th time, with many of my saves dating back to June with the same issue. I opted for a save from a previous mission, to see if that bypassed it. Once I submitted the resume and received the text message from the law firm, there was no phone call.

Reading through countless forum threads regarding the same glitch, the only way around it appears to be starting the game from scratch again - something I'm not fond of.

Instead, I'm tempted to trade the game in for Saints Row 2...

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DONT DO IT! I got saints row 2 and while ill play ith through and enjoy it, it really looks and feels like a turd to play. You think GTA has slowdown? Wait till you play this one, its got possibly the worst slowdown experienced on the console. As far as the bug, I didn't get it so cant comment. I loved GTA4, i liked the multiplayer too, i didnt like having to keep his chums happy all the time, ok now and then is fine but when you sleep or whatever thats a day gone and they are bugging you again. Yeah anyway, keep the game as the addon stuff might turn out good and simone getting it as well so we can all play this online.


I'm going to start over again, in the hope that the second time around the bug doesn't make an appearance! I'll let you know if/when I get to the 'Final Interview' and how it goes...

The Saints Row 2 demo seemed great at the time, but that was prior to getting GTA 4.


That demo was saintsrow 1 duad, i got that game too and enjoyed it. like you say though it was before gta came out and im not sure if they made the game look worse or what. The slowdown is definately worse however. I still think the game should be good fun though dont get me wrong.


That explains a few things then! I presumed that because I'd played it this year and that Saints Row 2 was out this year, it was 2.

Tonight I'm going to embark on GTA 4 - take II (see what I did there?!?)


utoh yeah that likely means death. if its doing it all the time i suspect it will suddenly lockup for good on you.. did you get it fixed after they are "supposed to have fixed" the reliability probs? I got mine last done around the same time that they said they had worked it out. To be fair it has been doing well upto this point. I guess gta4 is taxing the 360 to the full so prob generating most heat, a bit like gears of was when that 1st came out that was frying everyones 360's as well at the time.


1st footage of starwar mmo looks like galaixes!


Looks pimp. It could be the WoW beater that people have been long awaiting. I like their promises of more content than all Bioware games put together.

If you visit the official site, you can register for updates - this is going to be one game to follow.


[...] GTA 4 news by Administrator [...]

Could it not be a glitch and actually be dependant on your record? So if you've been arrested earlier in the game, then it prevents you from getting an interview?

Although it probably is a glitch as i don't see why he couldn't lie on the C.V just to get there in the first, even if it is pre-made for you.


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