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I've used the name Lazlow as my online nickname for several years now. Many people utilise the semi-anonymity of an alias when signing up to forums; newsgroups; mailing lists; blogs and so on.

I chose the name Lazlow back in 2002 when we were gaming in what was dubbed, the 'Geek Lab' at our Uni. In the past, I didn't have a need for a pseudonym to identify me, but during online or LAN games, nicknames became compulsory.

If you've never heard of the real Lazlow before, then have a quick read of Wikipedia's article. He's basically a Technology Journalist from the US, who has provided a lot of the vocals and produced many of the radio stations for Grand Theft Auto, amongst other things.

I believe I originally opted for the name Fernando, who was one of Lazlow's radio guests on Grand Theft Auto 3's Chatterbox - but I then settled on Lazlow as I didn't want people to associate me with a Latino pimp.

Why am I rambling on about my own alias? Well, whilst Googling for random words/phrases, I realised that my profile on bit-tech is 6th on and 5th on - does it make me the number 1 Lazlow alias user? Probably not, but it's something to tell the grandchildren in later life.

I've also highlighted something that I never realised before - and (with the latter set as 'Worldwide') produce different search results.

One final point is that Google's spiders take a lot longer to update listings compared to MSN - not that I'd ever think of using an alternative to Google, no matter how many fewer characters it uses in its URL. But Google still lists's description as my list of header links, whereas MSN has updated it to reflect the meta I recently added.

Which search engine do you constantly use - and why?

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