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A few years back, I started looking for some additional domains to sit alongside on the world wide web. I purchased alternative tld's such as .info, .net and - later cancelling the former.

I also came across - ideal for me as I use the name Lazlow in many forms, including online gaming. The name Lazlow comes from the Radio DJ famous for his sound production and voice roles in the Grand Theft Auto series of games.

The site situated at has been fairly static since day one, with very few changes. In the near future, I'm planning on updating it as a central hub for my online presence, linking to all the sites I've either created or feature on.

The domain at the time, was taken by a UK band and was due for renewal in March 2009. Due to Nominet's rules, domains only become available after 60 days of expiry. So, earlier this month I registered it with GoDaddy and have forwarded it to the .net domain. Behold,

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I'm going to sort out my web domain at some point and do a little something with it. Erm... Can't remember the login details for the FTP can you forward them to me?!



You've got mail! I sent it to your hotmail address.




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