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I think that I am starting an obsession with domains. Since purchasing and .net, I've also bought another two - including

I was surprised to see (using whois) that was available and that no domain squatters were occupying it. Within 24 hours, the domain was mine - and 48 hours later I've got a page up and running.

For now, it's an SEO experiment as the site is a single page full of interesting links - 99% of which involve me. Perhaps Google will enjoy crawling the page, especially as it is valid, accessible and semantically correct. In fact, the XHTML/CSS code behind it is my best effort to date. Nothing fancy - just markup that's clean and degrades well.

Have a go at resizing the page too (ctrl and +/-) to see how every element increases/decreases in size. That's thanks to using ems for everything, from font-size to margin, height and width.

If I think of a better use for the domain, I'll let you know - but in the mean time, it's more of an index to the growing web presence of myself. Think of it as an ego boost?

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Woah, since posting this - Google has already indexed the site and it features on page 4 of the search results for lazlow! Click for screenshot.


ooo zooming in and out, didnt know about that.

You should dedicate it to GTA radio stations and host loads of audio files or something. You might get some sort of traffic that way, or you might just infringe on copyright law's and be prosecuted... hmm.... nah! Do it.


I've got GTA3, GTA VC and GTA San Andreas on MP3, so could do. But as you say, it'll be breaking something.

I just did a domain lookup for Adamski - all are pretty much taken. BUT - every domain for Adamskii (2 i's) is free! Get on it Adamskii.

Oh and zooming - in Firefox (I think Opera, IE6 and Safari too), using Ctrl and + or - to resize physically increases the size of each element on the page. Those with fixed sizes (pixels) don't tend to co-operate. IE7, however, simply zooms in on the page - which means most pages resize well, but you're not seeing what those with other browsers would, when they resize. Whilst resizing, hit Ctrl and 0 and it'll return to the default setting.


Its free... but is it Fr££?


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