New GTA IV Trailer

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Caught this yesterday.. hmm... Yeah looks decent. A few things are a worry, like the framerate in sections, and on the helicopter bit there is nothing going on at all in the distance which usually wouldn't bother me but after playing the crackdown demo you could see people and cars from a huge distance away. Still, if the gameplay is bo then I wont' give a dam. Also on the part where he hangs from the helicopter and the truck that looks like the Euphoria animation system thingi at work which I cannot wait to mess about with. Im suprised they are not showing more of this actually as I will seem one of the most impressive things. I guess they are saving that tho. I wanna see more gameplay footage now, the games out in 4 months!


They're teasing us, so that once it is realeased it'll be even more outstanding.

I like the music video style to it, with the lead character walking towards the camera and the locations changing.


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