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This weekend I decided to put my mini-itx hardware to good use finally. It required an afternoon of setting up Server 2003 with a keyboard/mouse/monitor attached - but once it booted into 2003 I moved it to the loft, where it sits next to the 2TB fileserver:


The webserver is the small aluminium box in the top of the picture. Hardware wise, it's a mini-itx EPIA 5000, which uses a 533MHz VIA C3 processor and 512MB PC133 SDRAM. Fairly useless in today's standards, but I'm surprised how well it handles Server 2003 and indeed, serving webpages.

For anyone interested in trying this at home - it's fairly straightforward. Simply forward http (and ftp if needed) to the webserver, using your router. Then register on DynDNS and pick a domain. I'm lucky as my Linksys router has an option to put in your DynDNS information and it will do the rest.I'll keep you updated on any further developments, as I'm planning on hosting a few larger files on it (over 1TB of network storage) and using it for my ASP projects.

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