New Years resolutions 2010

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As I did back in 2009, I'm creating 10 New Years resolutions that I'll hopefully stick to during 2010. The first 5 are a continuation of 2009's resolutions:

  1. Lose some weight - I'll set a target weight in the coming weeks and will blog about my progress throughout the coming months.
  2. Release SlickCMS - I'm finishing off a few features to complete Version 2, which will then be released to the public as an Open Source application. Version 3 is already in planning and 4 will be a port to .NET
  3. Build up plenty of savings - As the recession is coming to an end, our savings should reflect this.
  4. Complete an XBOX 360 game - My gamer points are poor for someone who has had an Xbox for nearly 3 years (2007-05). Completing a game should help this.
  5. Release a new web project - In addition to SlickCMS which will ideally be coded in .NET
  6. Tweet more - I've started to use twitter a lot more over the Christmas holidays, so will continue to during 2010, hopefully gaining many more followers.
  7. Design refresh for Slickhouse - The current design you see before you is nearing a year in age and could do with a refresh to coincide with the switch to SlickCMS (from WordPress).
  8. Blog more - The amount of posts I've written over the past year compares very badly to previous years. December 2009 only saw 2 posts for you to read. So for 2010 I'll make more time to blog and will write some meaningful articles as well as random thoughts.
  9. Take more holiday - During 2009 I barely took the 20+ days of holiday I'm entitled to off, so for 2010 I plan to utilise the full amount spread over the 365 days.
  10. Increase reader base - Slickhouse and my other sites receive fairly low traffic volumes. A combination of Tweeting more, blogging more and releasing SlickCMS/other projects should help to increase the number of people visiting and reading Slickhouse and its related sites. Perhaps I could even make some money from the time spent blogging/developing in my own time?

That should do it. Once 2010 comes to an end, I'll reflect on the New Years resolutions as per yesterday, hopefully stating that all 10 were stuck to. What have you got planned for 2010?

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4 & 9 I'll go with for mine this year, except I feel I can excel and achieve number 4 many times over! I am so impressive!


oh, did u enjoy avatar? I enjoyed in 3D, the jungle - I thought was impressive. I was geeking over the graphics a bit too much I think.


We didn't end up seeing Avatar, as the viewing was full when Si checked online earlier that day. Hopefully will be decent seats the next few Orange Wednesdays.


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