Plenty to write about, not much time...

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You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you I had a huge list of things to write about, for slickhouse.

Well I do! My only problem is that there's so much interesting content out there, that I barely get round to writing some of my own - by which time, I'm probably falling asleep.

Over the past few weeks, I've been using Google Reader, which allows me to keep track of all my favourite sites via their RSS feeds. The following list is a taster of the feeds I follow:

  • Digg - This is the busiest feed I use, mainly because there are so many contributors. Though I do find that most of the time it's like looking for a needle in a haystack - you have to Digg (pun intended) to find the good stuff.
  • AListApart - On the other hand aren't that busy at all, providing me with a couple of articles every few days - but the content is great.
  • - As they're still the best tech site in the UK. I also keep their sister site (although they've been acquired recently) Trusted Reviews on Google Reader too.
  • CSS-Tricks - This is my latest addition, as I stumbled across an article on the site whilst browsing my feeds this evening.
  • Custom PC - I like to keep track of Custom PC as they are providing some great content since the site refresh.
  • Max Design - Their tutorials are very useful, which led me to add their feed to Google.
  • Official Google Webmaster Blog - For two reasons really, firstly Google know their stuff; secondly I'm a Google fan.
  • Penny-Arcade - Possibly the best web comic (that I've come across at least) on the planet, well web. Having the RSS feed to hand enables me to know almost instantly when they've posted a new comic.
  • Photo Matt - The creator of WordPress provides us with insight into developing WordPress and also upcoming new features.
  • Smashing Magazine - I'm yet to understand why many of their posts suddenly switch from English to German, but every single article is worth reading. Trust me.
  • Tom's Hardware UK - As I like to keep in touch with the technology world - and having a few feeds means that I'm more likely to catch all the big releases.
  • W3C - This is a fairly boring feed compared to the above, but I'm hoping they'll reveal more about HTML 5 in the near future.
  • .Net - The magazine is one of my favourites (I'm thinking a subscription is due), so it makes sense to keep track of their postings too.
As you are probably experiencing right now (if you've started browsing any of the above), with all of these feeds to keep track of (and a few others), I am left with a few minutes here and there. During these spare moments, I tend to add to my ever-growing list of articles to write - but at least this time, I sat down and typed something on here.

Over the next few weeks I've got several personal projects to accomplish. Firstly there's the Botswana site to complete - it's live, but missing a bit of content. Then I am going to be setting up a new blog/community which is still under wraps. Finally, there is a revolutionary site to finish planning and start developing - more on that later.

Let me know what feeds you like to keep track of. And do you use Google Reader to do so?

[note - I could have provided you with direct-links to each feed, but opted to link to the site so that you can get a 'feel' prior to subscribing]

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Ironically, this post took me 30 minutes to write... so maybe I do have some time on my hands?



Thanks for adding my feed. I'll try not to disappointed with great content! =)

Chris Coyier

Thats why my blog went down the shitter, I've got tons to write about, but I can't be arsed. In fact no, thats a lie. I couldnt be arsed, even to think what to write. Ta for the links tho, more stuff to read.


Do you still want your blog btw Adamskii? I find many things I want to write about have already been discussed elsewhere.


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