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I've owned the Skyline for nearly 6 months now and have experienced a lot of fun driving - albeit, expensive as the R32 barely manages 18mpg.

However, tonight, on the way home at about 9:30pm I was pulled over by the local police (driving a new marked BMW). Knowing that I hadn't broken the speed limit at all that evening and that my lights were on, I was confused as to why I was pulled over.

But it turns out, the copper thought my number plate was too small and he proceeded to fill in a few forms - handing me a pink one about 5 minutes later. If it wasn't for the freezing weather, I would have been happy knowing that he had nothing on me. He also mentioned my rear fog light was on - something which I'm actually pleased about (as I hadn't a clue which way the switch worked).

He actually admitted that he didn't know the law himself - which is ridiculous. How can a policeman stop you for something he is only guessing at? Perhaps I could pull over the next policeman I see and make up a few laws while I'm at it. As I regularly visit the Skyline Owners forums, I know that this is a common problem with local police. They don't know the actual law themselves, but as we drive Skylines, they use the car as an excuse.

If you observe my front number plate, it does look a little on the small side (actually, several people have instantly noticed the size difference). But I did a quick Google search and found that it's not breaking any laws - as imported cars come under a separate category. If only the police educated their officers.

Unfortunately, the pink form that the policeman eventually handed me, insists that I go and get the Skyline checked out by an official MOT centre to confirm if it conforms with the law or not. I have 14 days - so if you don't hear from me in a fortnight, you know I've forgotten to return the stupid thing.

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Get used to it, Police like to pull over performance cars. You should bundle him into the boot next time and sell me his bmw.

Oh yeah if simons not told you I have bought also a performance vehicle... A ford KA lolz. Nah i like it actually, I'd say it was a B-Road Beast


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