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SlickCMS has been released for a few months now and several live sites are powered by it without any major issues. However, since its public release I've not received any outside feedback and indeed, haven't spent much more time continuing with development.

I partly blame my lack of blog updates, as once the development was out of the way and slickhouse itself was running on SlickCMS - I planned to spend more time blogging and actually using SlickCMS from an end-user point of view. Also, I've not actively marketed it to the public, even though Google has ranked it well since its inception.

The current release is version 2.6.147 and 2.7 is progressing steadily. Currently, there are 9 open bugs and 41 features. 2.7's goal is to improve existing features and fix any outstanding bugs. 3.0's goal is to implement new features, with 4.0 being a port to ASP.NET 4.0

However, Classic ASP/VB6 has been around for over 10 years and has been overshadowed by it's .NET sibling. At work, I'd say 90% of the code I write is now VB/C# .NET and I'm learning new techniques each day.

So I've decided to amend the SlickCMS roadmap slightly.

  • 2.7 - improvements to existing features
  • 3.0 - port to ASP.NET
  • 4.0 - new features

There will be releases in between those major milestones, but it allows me to focus on getting the existing Classic ASP version of SlickCMS 100% bug free and bulletproof - with the code being downloadable for all. Then I'll work on a port to ASP.NET, using properly defined classes in an object orientated way, rather than making do with Classic ASP's flawed implementation of OO. Once that's working well, it'll be onto new features to give SlickCMS the edge.

Once 3.0 is here, I will focus on spreading the word and making it known to others - hopefully gathering some support and even other contributors to the project. I've been contemplating a site like SourceForge/Codeplex/Google Code for hosting the project itself.

If you'd like to keep up to date with the current progress and what's in the pipeline, make a visit to the SlickCMS roadmap - powered by Redmine.

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