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Tonight is another milestone in Matt's life...

The Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T that I've owned for the past 9 months has been sold tonight. It had been on the AutoTrader website; two Skyline forums; Petrol Heads and I've just ended the 2nd eBay auction. I did worry at one stage that I would be stuck with it for life!

The new owner is another Skyline owner, who has a black R32 himself - and my GTS-T was to be his partner's, as she apparently keeps driving his.

I'll miss the Skyline and all the fun associated with it:

  • 140mph* on the A1 when driving it back after purchasing it
  • Ending up sideways around a corner on 2 occasions
  • Racing a Vauxhall Astra VXR (they're quick bastards) @ 120mph* on the A46
  • Beating a WRX Impreza from traffic lights
  • Watching the fuel gauge drop so quickly
But it allows me to have a mid-life crisis in the future, where I'll end up buying my next Skyline. Depending on finances at the time - it will either be an R34 GTR Skyline, or the new (well old by then) GTR.

Who knows? Maybe you'll be reading this blog in a few years time, where I'll be raving about it?

For those who didn't see the Skyline in person, there are 90+ pictures on the mini-site I created for this sale. I'll keep it alive for the foreseeable future.

To all members of the police force reading this, these speeds are completely exaggerated as I've never even hit 70mph.

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I have a mid twenties crisis and buy a bike, you have one and sell a skyline! Simon has one and buys nothing and as a result goes insane.


True! I am planning on having many crisis', so that I can purchase an R33, R34 and finally the GTR. Or skip straight to the latter in my 40's.

How is the bike? Funny thing is that it cost more than the Skyline (minus insurance, petrol etc.)!


ayes but i will have for life! or until i break it /stolen etc...


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