V9 and SlickCMS is live

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  • Title: V9 and SlickCMS is live
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  • Summary: Slickhouse.com V9 is live with SlickCMS!
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Version 9 of Slickhouse.com is now live and I've switched from WordPress to my very own Content Management System, SlickCMS.

The theme has gone a bit darker this time around, but should hopefully tie everything together well. I've decided to drop the 2 sidebars and have increased the main content width, to allow for bigger images within future Posts.

It's been tested working in all the major browsers and has taken about a week's worth of evenings, after I'd released version 2.6.147 of SlickCMS to the public.

Overall, you should find the site closely resembles the previous version in terms of functionality and content. From a technical point of view, SlickCMS utilises Microsoft's ASP, ASP.NET and SQL Server platforms, rather than WordPress' PHP/MySQL.

Let me know if you come across any issues with the new site. I'll be closely monitoring the logs over the coming days, to ensure everything's running as planned.

Lastly, expect a lot more on this site in future - as after completely every line of code, I can concentrate on some content.

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I've come across a few bugs, such as multiple-word Tags are not working correctly. Also, a few of the search engines have generated errors due to them trying to access the old WordPress Feed URLs.

Let me know if you come across any issues!

Update: The above bugs have now been resolved - all Tags are now linking correctly.


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