Virgin Media 20MB Broadband

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Today we upgraded our L 10MB Virgin Media Cable Broadband to their XL package, with speeds up to 20MB! We also opted for the XL phone and also XL TV packages, all for £56!

Thinking we'd be waiting a few days until the upgrade, I continued surfing the 'net as normal. However, after another trip to, I found that the speed hike had already taken place:

Bearing in mind before it hit around the 8MB[500kb/s] mark (10MB package), the extra throughput is instantly recognisable. Everything is instant, no lag, no delays. So, (and other sites hosted here) will reach you even quicker.

Virgin Media have come on leaps and bounds since the NTL days; whereas the latter's customer services left a lot to be desired, Virgin Media are fantastic and very helpful. Also, the fact that Samuel L. Jackson regularly fronts their TV ads also helps. Fibre Optic broadband is super fly.

I'll no doubt be posting again in the coming weeks, regarding Virgin Media - as our V+ box is to be installed soon. It'll allow us to record 2 channels, whilst watching the third, all in HD-goodness. About time too - as we regularly miss our favourites.

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My internet connection is pretty much a joke, but I did complain and to their credit my speed upped from about 512kb (omgz 8 year ago speed), to over 1.2mb!!! Wow now its all gogogo!

hehe doh :(


1.2MB is better than 512KB at least; though quite a bit slower than 20MB.


I'm finding the internet connection is faster than the web servers that most sites are hosted on, i.e. the speed of the download is limited by the download location itself. 20MB is top though, not had to wait for anything really...


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