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Microsoft have released their Windows 7 Beta and also increased the download cap - that was previously set at 2.5 million.

I've got a copy successfully up and running within a Virtual Machine (Virtual Server 2005 SP1), utilising 1GB RAM and 1 core of an AMD Athlon 4000+ Dual Core CPU. The install process took much less time than the old XP/Server 2003 installs and possibly even quicker than a Vista fresh install.

Once up and running it was very quick to get used to the improved GUI. Though I think there will be usability issues, especially with less able users - such that the taskbar items are now reduced to icons, with popup tooltips. But, Windows 7 is a public beta, with plenty of time to improve prior to an official release. Microsoft promises much better performance (compared to Vista) and has said that Windows 7 should run on lightweight hardware very well, for example Intel's Atom CPU.


Windows 7 desktop

Hopefully Windows 7 will take the best bits of Vista and mix them with new features and also what we're used to. One thing I'm already pleased about is that Task Manager now shows both the cached RAM and available RAM - whereas Vista only shows the former and XP (et al) displayed only the latter. Small changes like this save a few seconds of human processing power, as we no longer need to perform simple Maths calculations in our heads.

Personally, I'm looking forward to Windows 7's release, as it'll suit our 2 laptops better than Vista - if the performance improvements are rolled out. Hopefully Microsoft aren't 'dumbing' down Vista though, just to please those who complained about Vista's issues.

If you've grabbed all 2.5GB of the beta and have installed it - let me know what your first impressions are too.

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I liked it, installed the torrent version a month back, but thats 32bit so i downloaded the 64 bit last night and ill fire that up tonight. I think ill prob buy this OS when the time is right. btw directx10 is included with this windows right?


DirectX 10 is already part of Vista, so they'll be putting it into Windows 7. In fact I've just remote desktop'd onto the Windows 7 machine and it uses DirectX 11 - start > run > type dxdiag and press enter to see what version you're running.


Dx11? oh man my card only dx10 doh ;) I was trying to put it on my old computer to see how it held up but it cant find the silicone valley SATA driver stuff... this like the problem my XP had when i installed that, but i know the newer installers for xp and vista dont have any beef with this. i found it a bit weird that windows7 would.


if you didnt guess, thats me ^^ !


I had the same problem when installing Server 2003 on an SATA drive the other week. If you look in your BIOS you made find that your SATA controller is set to RAID. If you're not going to utilise RAID anytime soon, then see if you can set it back to Legacy. This'll mean that you won't need the SATA RAID drivers when installing the O/S.

Or, as you've done, you can pop them onto a floppy disk and hit F8 (or whatever) during bootup. This wasn't an option for me, as my new server didn't have a floppy drive...


im not even sure my mobo knows what raid is, ive had a look and there is no mention. I think ive got a spare 20gb drive somewhere im gonna put that in and stick it on there, i cant be arsed looking for some satsa drivers again.


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